Suzanne Koehler

An RSPA internship

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Crested Butte, Colorado

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My name is Suzanne Koehler and I did my internship with an amazing organization called The Adaptive Sports Center. They are a nonprofit organization out of Crested Butte, Colorado that works with people with disabilities to provide them with an opportunity to enjoy winter and summer sports and activities. I was a winter programming Intern with 3 others like me, and 2 marketing interns. We all lived together in a condo provided to us by The Adaptive Sports Center. As programming interns, we all did multiple jobs. The majority of our time was spent instructing and assisting snowboarding and ski lessons on the mountain. However, we also had at least one office day a week in the programming office.

We also shuttled groups, organized their room and board for their stay, cleaned the houses, presented slide shows, organized awards, entered registration information into a computer database, and much more. We all had tons of responsibilities and it was hard work, but a ton of fun.

Some of the groups who came to participate in winter programs had all different types of disabilities, to include: burn survivors, MS, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, amputees, Down Syndrome, Autism, spinal injuries, paraplegia, PTSD (wounded warriors), and much more. All of these people were looking for the opportunity to concur their disabilities and ski or snowboard with the help of our amazing instructors. We strove to make sure no one was told they couldn't do something because of their disability, and our staff found a way to persevere no matter the challenge.

When I first arrived I only knew how to snowboard, but in the 4 months of being on this internship I learned to not only ski, but how to teach others how to ski and snowboard. The organizational skills, time and risk management skills I gained from this experience was unmatched.

The Adaptive Sports Center is 5-star when it comes to hiring, training, safety, and producing quality programming.

Skiers at Adaptive Sports Center, Crested Butte, Colorado