Peter Krause

An RSPA internship

Internship at Küat Racks

I’ve completed my internship at Küat Racks. Küat designs high-end bicycle and cargo rack carriers and accessories for vehicles. There are so many great opportunities in the outdoor industry, and working on the side of outdoor enthusiast production and marketing has always been something I’ve wanted to do.

Kuat truckMuch of my job consisted of working closely with dealers and our customers all over the world to make sure they get their orders and make sure things are working correctly, but my big focus was public relations for the company. I worked with a lot of media journalists who do reviews or interviews about our products. It was also part of my job to let them know when we have new products coming out for launch.

I also generated a monthly newsletter that goes out to everyone who has registered their products with us. Our database has around 9,000 people we send stuff out to. We also use a newsletter to let dealers know about special offers or promotions.

My favorite part of my job was having the opportunity to travel around the country to different trade shows and events to promote our products. This was a really important aspect of my job as it can gain a lot of exposure for the company and we meet a ton of people from different companies with which we can form a positive relationship.

Since I was hired during my internship, I got the privilege of seeing a lot of my hard work during my time here be put into the works. I developed an amateur athlete sponsorship program to help amateur athletes and teams purchase our products at a discounted cost per certain criteria I came up with. Sponsorship from a business standpoint isn’t simply trying to gain exposure. Looking at it from that viewpoint, and especially for a smaller company such as Küat, you’re going to come up short as it can be hard to always be a sponsor in the spotlight. I look at event and athlete sponsorship as a way to support the outdoor community and share a common love and experience with our users. It’s important to not only support elite level athletes, but also bring it back to the grassroots because those are the people who have the friends who can potentially buy your products.

Getting my first job here was a dream come true. Getting into any sector of the outdoor industry can be extremely difficult and competitive. I’ve always wanted to work in the bicycling industry as it has been my passion for much of my life and it’s an industry full of interesting and great people from all walks of life. I’m very happy to find myself in a full-time position here.

By Peter Krause '13

RSPA intern Peter Krause on a mountain bike trail